Custom Projects

One of my favorite things to do is to create a custom project for my clients. The project may be a single over-sized piece with a special frame, a grouping of prints that are selected to complement each other or a special print medium.

In addition to aluminum prints and traditional paper prints that are shown on our shop pages we can do a variety of special treatments including: 

  • Printing on wood
  • Printing on canvas
  • Frameless aluminum prints that are suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Special frames not available in our standard offer
  • Special editing to customize colors, line up horizons in multi-print studies, crop to change dimensions and look of a print, and more
  • Create three-print triptychs
  • Extra large formats for focal walls

Additionally we have many prints that are not on our website.

Let me know what you are looking for and I can provide you with many options that will work in your special spot.

Below are some examples of custom projects we have done in the past:

Sand Trilogy includes Brave Little Cabo Turtle, Conch I and
Corduroy II

This three-print collection is a study of different sand patterns. It is printed on wood which subtly changes the color of the prints and adds a wood-grain pattern that shows through the print. In this collection we edited to adjust the colors of the sky and sand to work together as well as to match the decor of the room. We also modified the prints so that all the horizons were the same.

Pink Sand

We printed this large-format 60” wide piece on aluminum with a frameless invisible support, making the piece suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The colors of the print complement the room decor.

Exuma Trilogy includes Corduroy Reflections, Exuma Water Surface Gradation and Bahamian Conch II

These three beach prints are all taken in the Exumas and are large format 40” x 53”  prints on white aluminum designed to withstand outdoor weather. They were installed in an open courtyard that leads to the front door and are also visible from an adjoining casita.

Exuma Trilogy

We planned the prints so your eye moves from left to right down the sand grid lines on the left image up through the diagonal shore lace on the middle photo and back down the sand patterns on the right image, ending with the conch shell.

The color has been adjusted to coordinate and the horizons have been aligned.

Just Water

Just Water is printed on white aluminum for outdoor installation in my own home. It is framed by bamboo and anthuriums and adds a peaceful water element to my front courtyard.

Honomanu Splash

Honomanu Splash is another large format outdoor image that hangs in my own home. It is 60” wide and is printed on white pearled aluminum with an invisible support structure on the back of the print. I installed it over our barbecue to give my husband something nice to look at while he cooks. 

I would love to create something special and unique for your home. 

Contact me at Kim@somethingnewfordinner with the type of image you are interested in and I will get to work for you.



Baja Triptych

“This Tryptic was shot on the expansive beach in San Jose del Cabo while I was visiting for a friend’s wedding, which by-the-way, was hella-fun.

I was captivated by the varying textures at the shore - the coarse, but unblemished sand, the foamy shore break and the glistening sea. I love the way this series shows the water first receding, then moving up the shore and finally covering the shore.  

Happily, this triptych is now hanging in the bedroom of the happy couple whose wedding I attended, providing them with a lasting memento of their wedding.”