My daughters Lauren and Margo
How It Started

I found myself creating wall art photography in a rather roundabout way. After raising four kids and retiring from a career in the medical and pharmaceutical industry my adult daughters talked me into starting a food blog to publish the recipes I had been cooking for them all their lives. Cooking has always been a creative outlet for me and a way to gather with the people I love. So in 2012, with my daughter Margo’s graphic design help and my daughter Lauren’s internet marketing skills, Something New For Dinner was born. 

At first I thought that to create a successful food blog all you had to know was how to cook. While knowing what you are doing in the kitchen is essential, beautiful photography is the medium required to share food over the internet. And boy, when I first started out I quickly learned I was a terrible photographer. Just go back and look at my early recipes and you will agree! 

Me shooting a new recipe

So I dug into food photography and learned about natural light, composition, F-stops, bokeh, editing and more. Eventually, in addition to food photography for my own site I was hired to work with brands and restaurants. That was fun, but I learned I really prefer doing my own thing.

After a time, my food photography segued into travel photography, particularly ocean-centric photography, which ultimately has become the wall art you see in this shop. 

While I still am very active in Something New For Dinner, developing new recipes and shooting my latest creations, my second passion is creating wall art that brings simple, calming shots of nature into the home.

Me heading to photograph Cocoplum Beach on Great Exuma in the Bahamas
I love roaming the world, finding a quiet and beautiful corner, studying it and composing a shot that will stand the test of time. I seek to capture images that make me happy, serene and spark a sense of adventure.

My husband JP and I in the Exumas
Thank you for taking the time to read my story and browse my wall art and greeting cards. I hope you will find something that brings you joy. Please feel free to contact me about custom work. I would love to create something beautiful for you.

Kim Pawell
Something New For Dinner